Week 5. It’s Not Easy Being Green

September 24, 2013
“It’s Not Easy Being Green”



I have a good friend, known him for years now. His name is Kermit. He’s of the amphibian persuasion. You might know him as Kermit the Frog. Kermit is great. And he has a thing he likes to say sometimes. He says, “It’s not easy being green.” He’s a wise fellow.

On a mission, being “green” means you’re new. For the first twelve weeks (after the MTC) of your mission, you’re still training. Your companion is called your “trainer” and you’re still new and “green” so you’re called a “greenie.” It’s… the best. But really, life is good. And being new isn’t all that bad. It just means there’s lots to learn! And I really do have lots to learn. It’s not all roses and daisies and easy but it’s all worth it because I’m spending my days telling everyone I can find about how much my faith means to me and inviting them to learn all that they can/want to about it and see how much it could mean to them! It’s awesome! I just get to talk about Jesus Christ and love and families all day long!

So, I’m 6 days young in the mission. Everyone asks how long I’ve been out and all I can do is grin and say “6 days” or however many it is. I look forward to the day that I can say “weeks” instead of days. I guess that could start tomorrow! One week! Hooray! But even with just 6 days under my belt, I have learned a ton and done so much. Here’s a basic run-down of my schedule:
We work half-days as Visitors’ Center missionaries. We have 6 hours in the VC (Visitors’ Center) and 6 hours in an assigned area in St. George. We have “shifts” at the VC every day and those rotate around. Some days we are in the VC in the morning and in our area in the afternoon/evening and some days that switches. And then once a week have a full day in our area and never go to the VC. But those days are just as awesome and any other because it’s the same work with the same purpose!
I love being in the Visitors’ Center. It’s one of the most amazing experiences.  I can say that, even after just 6 days of it. We get to meet and greet so many new people every day. I know a lot of missionaries get excited about going out and touching the lives of the people they meet, but that’s not all that happens. I am most grateful for how everyone I meet in the VC and in my area touches MY life. Everyone is so special and I can feel how much our Heavenly Father loves every single individual I talk to, pass by, or have the privilege of teaching or learning from every day. It’s the most amazing thing. I don’t want to lose this paradigm when I get home. I want to look at the world like this forever!
2013.10.01.Dr.Who.One of my favorite TV shows is Doctor Who. I’m aware that this makes me a nerd, but I embrace it. I’m a nerd and I’m proud of it. But on Doctor Who there’s a quote that I love. The main character is an alien that travels the universe saving lives and having adventures and he meets ALL kinds of people and the number of people he has met and will meet is infinite. And at one point there’s a woman that he sees and he asks, “Who is she?”
Someone responds, saying, “Oh, nobody important.”I love his reply. He says, “That’s incredible! In all my years of travel and with all of the millions of people I’ve met, I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important before.” Exactly. EVERYBODY is important.
That person you passed on the street yesterday with the funny hair-do? Important. That person in the grocery store who maybe looked a little scary or a little funny or a little whatever it was that you thought about them?  Important. That lady that got frustrated at Wal-Mart and started yelling at her child? She’s important, too. And so are her kids. And so loved. If not by many people here on Earth, they are loved by God, their Heavenly Father. And isn’t that what’s most important? It’s just the coolest thing. Try looking at people that way! Your whole day will go better when you do, I promise!
Well, here’s some more info about what I’m up to. My companion’s name is Sister West. She’s from Arizona and she’s crazy. But in the best way. She’s my “trainer” as I mentioned at the beginning of my post, and she’s great. She’s three months into her mission and has a so much knowledge, wisdom, and greatness. She’s teaching me a lot and I’m grateful for her patience with me.
The Visitors’ Center is housing 13 missionary companionships (so 26 sister missionaries) and every single one of them is incredible. Along with the sisters, there are several senior couples that are serving here and they are all so wonderful!
Anyway, the work is wonderful. Wow, I keep saying wonderful, sorry. But it’s true. Everything is wonderful. We have several investigators. I came in on transfer day and had to just jump into an area that was already familiar with my companion, Sister West, and her old companion, Sister Duval. I was afraid that everyone they had been working with would react badly to the change and reject me, or at least not accept me right away, but I was wrong. Everyone has been so loving and welcoming and has made me feel a part of things pretty easily. Not that it’s been a quick snap-into-action and normalcy, but it’s been a mostly friendly transition.
So, I keep talking about how everything is wonderful and friendly and everything, right? Well, it is, but I just want you all to know, especially those of you who are thinking about serving a mission, that this is also the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s hard. It really, really is. It’s rough and there are moments when you are so exhausted and so discouraged that you just want to give up. But don’t. Don’t ever. And this is true of any situation. Don’t ever give up. It’s so worth it, whatever you’re doing.
A mission is hard. But it’s also so incredibly worth it. And my mission motto has definitely become this: Philippians 4:13. Just trust Him. He knows what He’s doing and you’re serving Him (or will or have or can start to) and He won’t let you down. Ever.I just want you all to know that this is the best decision I ever made, to come serve. It’s the hardest and most amazing thing I’ve ever done and I still have 17 months left of it. I know that time will fly, though. But I know that because the decision to serve was mine and I am not going to quit, that I am going to grow so much. And I know that I can do all things through Christ because He lives. And because He lives, we can live and have peace… and that’s the greatest treasure. I love being a missionary. And it’s only going to get better.
I love you all and your support and encouragement means the world. I can feel the strength I am gaining from your prayers and thoughts and am so grateful. I would love to hear from you, when you have time, and hope that you are all well. You inspire me and I think of you all often! Thank you for all you’ve taught me and all you’ve given me, just by being in my life!
I hope you all have a beautiful week!
Sister Hansen

One thought on “Week 5. It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. Dear Greenie,
    Glad to hear you are well and working so hard on being a great missionary sister. You make us all so very proud of you. Bear and I send our love and prayers for you. We think of you often and want you to know that we are huge fans of your blog. Keep up the good work.
    Bear and Auntie Carolyn

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