Week 20. It helps to remember who you really are.

Hello everyone!

Sister Hansen and Sister Dupre' visit Zions Canyon, 1/13/14 Photo courtesy the Harr family.

Sister Hansen and Sister Dupre’ visit Zions Canyon, 1/13/14
Photo courtesy the Harr family.

This is probably going to be pretty short and sweet, but I wanted to make sure to at least drop some kind of note letting you know I’m still alive!
This last week has been all kinds of everything. Up and down and sideways and bronchitis and miracles and pot-stickers and pizza rolls.
We found two new investigators this week and already have one–her name is Shannon–on date to be baptized early in February. She is amazing! She and her boyfriend’s mother, Ann, came to the Visitors’ Center the other night and we gave them a tour. As we talked we discovered that they actually live in our area! We made an appointment to come teach the next day, showed up, had a really awesome lesson on faith, and she told us she wants to be baptized! We are so happy and excited for her! She’s amazing, truly. And Ann is hilarious. She’s from Thailand and likes to remind us that she has 100% faith in Jesus Christ. No less. We love her for it, but more importantly, He loves her for it.
It’s so easy to get discouraged in life, isn’t it? But it helps to remember who you really are and why you’re doing what you’re doing. You’re a child of God! Did you know it? You are His Son or Daughter, LITERALLY, and HE LOVES YOU! Let that sink in. If you’ve never thought of that before or it’s just been a while, or you hear it every day, let it sink in further than it ever has and let it drive you. That’s who you really are! That’s who I am! And it gives me hope to keep going on the days when I have no motivation. I am a daughter of God and I have work to do, HIS work. That snaps me right out of whatever funk I’m in. And it’s awesome. Pot-stickers and pizza rolls also help.
So, yes, I had bronchitis this week. I took DayQuil for the first time. It’s yucky, but it works! And bronchitis is even more yuck.
Yucca!!!! (yukka filamentosa)

Yucca!!!! (Yukka filamentosa)

Speaking of yuck… I think I saw Yucca the other day.  It made me smile. 🙂 All my life we have had a thing for yucca plants in my family.  Whenever we see one, we say, “Yucca!!!”  I know, it’s silly…but it’s what we do! :D)

But, no worries!  I am feeling much better. 🙂
2014.01.13.Zions.Canyon.2.1253 2014.01.13.Zions.Park.1.1141
Also, today for P-Day [preparation day] we went to Zion’s National Park! It was so beautiful. I took so many pictures but none of them do it justice. It’s just fabulous there! I’m glad we had the chance to go.
Anyway, I told you it would be short and sweet.
I love you all! I wish you the best week of your LIVES! You all deserve the best in all things, always! Remember who you are!
Love and pizza rolls and pot-stickers,
Sister Hansen
Alicia in front of Angels' Landing, Zions Canyon, 1/13/2014.

Alicia in front of Angels’ Landing, Zions Canyon, 1/13/2014.

Alicia at Zions Canyon, 1/13/2014


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