Week 22. So, I have been learning a little Samoan!

TALOFA!  Hello everybody!

Farewell to Sister Dupre!

Farewell to Sister Dupre!

This has been a crazy week. Sister Dupre’ headed home to Kentucky and I got a new companion and began a new transfer! I think I reported this last week, but my new companion is Sister Leota from Samoa! She is amazing!


We have had quite the week. We headed out with a determination to set Bloomington on fire (metaphorically speaking, of course). And I think we are well on our way! I have been assigned as senior companion and along with that, designated driver. Look out St. George, Sister Hansen is driving. Check out the red truck that we get to drive!

Sister Leota, Sister Hansen, and the Red Truck

Sister Leota, Sister Hansen, and the Red Truck

I am happy to say that we have only gotten lost a few times… maybe once a day. If not more. So… heh. We get lost frequently… But that’s not that surprising in a new area. And we’re not really that bad. With old maps and relatively little information, I am actually quite proud of us! We are learning our area quickly and getting to know lots of people. And the members of the church in this area are so great, helpful, patient, and supportive. The leadership in our stake is amazing and the spirit and energy about missionary work here is really special. I think we are going to see so many miracles we won’t know what to do with ourselves!

Not Alicia's menu, but this is Taro, Banana, turkey tails, salmon in coconut milk, and lamb with green beans, from Island Grinds, St. George.  (Love technology!)

Not Alicia’s exact menu: Taro, Banana, turkey tails, salmon in coconut milk, and lamb with green beans.  Photo courtesy of Island Grinds, St. George, Utah.

So, I have been learning a little Samoan. My favorite word is… “olioli”. It means “joy”. 🙂 And the otherday we went to a Polynesian restaurant for lunch and I had Samoan food for the first time! I ate taro and green banana and fried chicken in a kind of teriyaki sauce. It was DELICIOUS! I am hooked. Which is great, because I have a feeling Sister Leota will want to go there a lot.


We are also now assigned to work in the Samoan ward that covers just about all of St. George and into Hurricane. So our area just got REALLY big.

New area: St. George all the way to Hurricane, approximately 20 miles.

New area: St. George all the way to Hurricane, approximately 20 miles.

This is really exciting, because having Sister Leota to speak Samoan will hopefully make the work in that ward EXPLODE. I’m excited, although I am preparing to not understand very much of what is going on. The church services, from what I heard, are going to be mostly in Samoan. This will be a good opportunity to learn more of what I am increasingly finding to be a very beautiful language! I’m excited!


So not much is different, other than starting a new transfer, learning a little bit of Samoan, driving a red truck, getting lost, trying Samoan food for the first time, and trying not to go crazy… well, actually, just about everything is different. We have 7 new sisters in the VC and we had several people go home or head out other parts of the mission away from St. George. Lots of new faces, friends, testimonies, experiences, and opportunities to love! I love it! But the work is the same, even with different faces, stories, opportunities, etc. to go along with it depending on where you are, because the work is the Lord’s work and if you are relying on Him and His Spirit, you can do anything. That’s why Philippians 4:13 is one of my favorite scriptures. If I had to do any of this without Him, it wouldn’t work. That’s true of anything in life, now, isn’t it?


Well, kind of a brief report this week, but I am sure I will have more to say next week. I am so grateful for all of you! I think of you often. I have so much to be grateful for. I love you, family, friends, ward families, and everyone in between. Thank you for loving, supporting, trusting, having faith in, and believing in me! I can feel your love and support. I hope you can feel mine!


Drop me a line, if you get the chance! I would love to hear how you are, what you’re up to, and what’s new! I wish you all the best in all things always.


Oute alofa atu ia te oe! Tofa! E moni le talalelei!  (I love you! Goodbye! The church is true!)  I’ll get better at Samoan! 🙂 Just watch! haha


Love and rice and taro,

Sister Hansen


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