32. It’s starting to get pretty warm here…

May 5, 2014

Dear Everybody!
It’s starting to get pretty warm here in St. George. We have been up in the 90s already. I am actually pretty proud of how well I’m handling it. While others around me seem to be very affected, I just trudge along. I’m grateful for that. Hopefully it will last.  Hopefully I don’t get too confident.

Our area is blooming. I’m sorry it’s been a while since I reported on that. We have three baptisms scheduled for the month of May! We are so excited and so blessed.
Even though there has been a lot of improvement and development in our work, there is still so much to do. We have the potential to do so much more and see so many more miracles and we are so thrilled.
Just the other week, we had this really great lesson with one of our investigators about strengthening weaknesses and “operator errors.” Here’s a question for you: Have you ever  read the Book of Mormon and never gotten anything out of it? Have you ever gone to a “boring Sacrament meeting” or “boring fireside?” Was there something wrong with the Book of Mormon? Was the meeting really boring or were you just bored?
So many  times when we don’t get anything out of the scriptures we read, the meetings we attend, or the prayers we say, it is an “operator error,” and not the fault of the actual application. Such a cool thought. We talked about this and read from the scriptures, talking about how to actually get things out of our study. We read in Alma 48, about Moroni and how he placed the “greater number of men” in his “weakest fortifications.” It was such an inspired lesson with that investigator, and it was also something that I’d needed! (It is indeed a blessing when both are edified… D&C 50:22).
The places in our work and our lives that are the weakest sometimes deserve the most attention. If there is one particularly weak place, strengthening that will only strengthen everything else. I’m excited to work even harder in this area for as much time as I have left (be it three or 9 more weeks!), and to truly leave it better than I found it. Transfers come up in about 3 weeks. I’ll let you know how that goes! 🙂
Well, my time is short. I just wanted to send out my deep love for my family and all of my friends. I just heard of a death in our family from my mom. To all the Bills and Haymonds reading this, I’m sending a big hug to you. I love you.  Even though I’m terribly sad about the death of my Aunt Jean, I’m also so grateful and happy for her. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that the plan our Heavenly Father has for us ensures that families really can be together forever. I’m so grateful for the peace that knowledge brings me. What a blessing to be working hard to bring that message to all of the people I’ll have a chance to work with here.
I love you.  I love you so much.  Thank you for everything.
Much love and many cyber-hugs,
Sister Hansen
All the beautiful languages!  We counted 98.

All the beautiful languages! We counted 98.

Reorganizing the Book of Mormon closet with Sisters Biery and Busteed.

Reorganizing the Book of Mormon closet with Sisters Biery and Busteed.

The Book of Mormon: Albanian to Zulu

The Book of Mormon: Albanian to Zulu.  Currently available in 107 languages, according to the Church Distribution Center.



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