39. Counting blessings, significant eggs, and learning Geordi

June 17, 2014

Dear Everyone,

My family is so cool.
But, really. It is just a fact. My parents are cool. My dog is cool. My family is cool. Thanks for being part of who I am. You’re the reason I’m so… well I’m not there yet, but I have potential simply because I’m connected or related to you!  That is all I really need to say on the matter.
Moving on…
I made a goal when I hit my half-way mark last month. I want to spend the last 9 months of my mission being truly grateful. I decided to keep a daily gratitude list. I’m going to write down at least one thing every day for which I am grateful. I’ve fallen down on this a little bit (I just keep forgetting), but I love what I already see it doing for me. My list ranges from air conditioning (especially in St. George, thank you very much) to cheese, from Priesthood, to family, to my companion, and my dog, to tracting… and it goes on and on.
My new companion, Sister Pearson, and I are seeing so much growth in our area and already yesterday was a day full of success and miracles. We had a family from our area bring 3 of their neighbors/friends to the Visitors’ Center for a tour.  These are people we’ve been trying to contact!
Other such miracles have included an amazing investigator expressing that she feels she has finally found something to have faith in and accepting a baptismal date when we didn’t expect her to; finally having a lesson with a family that we’ve had a hard time reaching; and meeting a gentleman who came to a sacrament meeting just because someone told him this is a good church to check out.  We had the opportunity to take him to the Gospel Principles class where the lesson was about the Restoration (the lesson we usually teach first with investigators).
These might seem to be relatively small miracles, but what miracle is really small? Aren’t they all large, significant, impactful, and deserve our gratitude to the Lord? I think so. It causes me to reflect on a comment I once heard a missionary make… I think it was in our last zone conference: He said that every baptism he experienced on his mission was a miracle. Every one. That’s because every single person is a miracle: a child of God with divine worth and potential. We are all walking, talking miracles!
I think I’m really beginning to internalize the faith necessary to expect miracles. I’ve had the chance to gain a new understanding and perspective on how to expect miracles. Especially with the training we have had lately in all of our meetings on the correlation and relationship between faith and prayer. I’ve made an effort to make my prayers more specific, my faith more steady, and I’m seeing results. This last Sunday, Sister Pearson and I spoke in one of our wards about Fasting and Prayer. In her talk, she shared a thought that I really needed to hear. She said, “We need to pray like everything depends on Heavenly Father and then we need to work like everything depends on us.” Sounds good to me. Sounds hard. But sounds good. Sounds reasonable, actually.
Well, I am looking forward to the remainder of this week. I feel my confidence building, not because I’m trusting myself more, but I’m learning how to trust God more. I look forward to the life-long process of perfecting that pursuit.
In other news, my companion is fantastic. She’s awesome and she puts up with a lot from me. I’m kind of a handful (sorry Mom and Dad). I’m so grateful for her. 🙂 She’s really funny, sarcastic, and down to earth. She keeps me real and we work hard together. And she is teaching me Geordie 101, for lack of a better term for it (the northeastern dialect in England). I’ve already learned how to say “Wheyaye man,” which basically means “Yes.” Except it’s way cooler than the one syllable “yes,” obviously.
In even more news…we have fresh eggs!!!
A family we had dinner with this week sent us home with two cartons of fresh eggs. Aren’t they beautiful? I’m not the greatest cook, but I have learned the art of egg-usage. I’m so in love with these eggs!
Anyway…. back to normalcy.
I love you all. That’s the good to honest truth. Thank you for all you do, all you are, and everything else in between. You are the best.
Much love and rice and beans,
Sister Hansen
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