43. Kanab is amazing. (Including Glendale, Alton, and Orderville, too!)

Ok, everyone, I just really love you.

I love Mondays, not because they are P-Days but because they are the days that I am doubly reminded that I have a lot to be grateful for as I communicate with family and friends all over the globe.

It’s great, because I just get overwhelmed with gratitude and joy and I cry and cry and cry… and it’s not so great because I’m usually in public and then that’s very embarrassing, because there’s a missionary sitting quietly, grinning, with tears streaming down her face. But hey, it’s all good. It is what it is, and I am not afraid to show the world that missionaries are people too, and we have feelings.
But anyway, let me update you on some things!
We had a baptism two weeks ago, my first Saturday in Kanab. On the very same day, back in Washington, an investigator that we had been teaching my whole time there was baptized! I had a lot of reasons to be joyful that day as I knew that two people whose lives I had the privilege to be a part of were making that important step.

Baptism in Kanab, July 12. Bro. Kevin Church, who was baptized; Sister Donaldson; Sister Hansen; Bro. Haycock.

And to add to the joy:  I just heard from my last companion, Sister Pearson, that the man we had taught online was baptized in June!!  (The mormon.org chat miracle, if you don’t remember…See Blog Post #37)  She spoke to him on the phone not long ago and he delivered the news.  Miracles!  It was such a brilliant surprise and such a blessing to see the results of the hard work, love, and patience that is integral in this work!
We already have a few wonderful people in the Kanab area preparing to be baptized in the month of August. One of them was quite a miracle (although, to be honest, every single one is a miracle). We received a phone call from one of the family history workers at the family history center in town. He had just spoken with a young lady who had been given a Book of Mormon and was interested in learning more. He gave us her name and number and we called immediately.  No answer. So we left a message. About 5 minutes later, she called back and we set up an appointment for…that night! We taught and got to know her and she expressed her desire to really find answers.  To make a long story short, she is preparing to be baptized the end of August. She is so amazing and she teaches us a lot. She is so eager to learn, understand, and do what is right. She inspires me.
Kanab is amazing. Being away from the Visitors’ Center can be hard after being so used to it, but I am also loving the experiences and growth here. I can see how my drive to succeed is helping me to push forward and see growth and improvement, not only in myself, but also in our area and investigators. That drive to succeed is only possibly because it is not my success that matters, but the success of the Lord’s work and His children that I get to work with every day.

It’s gorgeous here. So many colors! More pictures to come.

We serve in 4 little towns: Kanab (pop.4,410), Orderville (pop. 596), Glendale  (pop.355), and Alton (pop.119).  We have 3 different places we stay, depending on our schedule. That’s odd, but also cool. It makes the labor and work more important than the “stuff,” if that makes sense.
Sort of like when Christ said, “But the Son of Man hath not where to lay His head…” (Matthew 8:20)  Except, we have 3 places to lay our heads! My point is that it reminds me that it is not about stability in the world, but stability in the Lord. That’s maybe the biggest thing I’m learning from being “outbound,” as we call it.
Screenshot 2014-07-21 14.38.47

Orderville, Glendale, and Alton are between Zion’s National Park to the west, and Bryce Canyon National Park, to the northeast.

I love you all. Thanks for being so amazing. thank you for taking care of my family and for being the support that I need. Stay strong in the face of adversity. Remember who you are. Remember that you are loved by the Almighty God, and that He sees who you are and who you can become. Let Him stretch you.
Much love and rice and beans,
Sister Hansen
Sister Hansen, Sister Donaldson

Sister Hansen, Sister Donaldson, after Relief Society, July 20, Alton, Utah, courtesy Nanette Roundy Spencer.


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