45. A year! Can you believe it?

September 1, 2014


Hi! How IS everyone?
Sister Hansen and Sister Morris

Sister Hansen with Sister Morris

The last few weeks have been amazing!  We have had some crazy challenges, but we also have been seeing some amazing miracles. My new companion, Sister Morris is from Ephraim, UT. She’s funny, she’s quiet and subtle but a powerhouse, and she trusts the Lord. She teaches me SO MUCH. Sister Morris and I are laughing a lot, we laugh at ourselves daily, and we are working hard. There’s nothing that brings more happiness than hard work and reliance on the Lord.

Miracle # 1:
In the past few weeks, a former investigator that we stopped visiting about a month ago kept coming to my mind. It was never big and clear, like, “GO SEE HIM.”  But always kind of a reminder, “Don’t forget him.”  The last little while it has gotten stronger.  And then last night as we were out contacting, we drove by this guy on a bike.  I could have sworn it was him! So we kind of awkwardly pulled over to the side of the road and waiting for him to drive by, to make sure it was him.  It wasn’t.  Haha!  But I am sure that I was supposed to see him so I could think of our investigator. Then as we continued on with our evening, he would not leave my mind.  So we determined to go see him.  MIRACLE.  We had a beautiful visit/lesson about God, love, trust, the priesthood, etc. and he accepted a baptismal date!  After who-knows-how-long a time of seeing missionaries and not wanting to make any commitments, he is now ready.
I’m so grateful for the Spirit and the way that we were directed to have this miracle and give this incredible man, this son of God, another chance to come to Christ.  I’m thrilled for him.  And still pinching myself.  When I said, “How about September 27th?”  He said, “Sounds good!” And I am sure I looked like I’d been drenched in cold water… shocked.  He said, laughing, “Sister Hansen’s going to faint!”  I told him I might!  But I was so happy. 🙂
Miracle #2:
I’ve been out a year!  Can you believe that?  I love it here. Maybe it’s not a miracle, but I am definitely bursting with gratitude for it.
Our combined Sunday School lesson this last Sunday was about “Keeping the Spirit.” It was so good.  The bishopric of one of our wards gave the lesson, each of them taking a few minutes to speak on the topic. They encouraged each of us to work on keeping the spirit. Here are a few of their suggestions:
  • Daily scripture study
  • Check your media choices (videos, music, books…)  Do they invite the Spirit?  You’ll know by the way you feel.  Not every rating (R, PG-13, PG) tells you exactly what the content will do to the Spirit.
  • Daily PRAYER  …  Check out this video that they told us to watch:

I Pray When...#didyouthinktopray

Love, and rice and beans,

Sister Hansen



1 – Hymn of the week:  Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

This hymn has been running through my head and heart all week long. It is bright, joyful, full, and simple. It is praise. It is prayer. And we have this gigantic mix CD of Mormon Tabernacle Choir in our car (and I mean, like, 130+ tracks). I’ve been trying to find it on there, and the quest for it has reminded me of my love for this hymn. The middle verses have some great “inspired questions” in them.  I would love to invite you consider these this week:

  • Hast thou not seen how all thou needest hath been granted in what he ordaineth?
  • How can you “ponder anew what the Almighty can do?”

Food for thought 🙂

2.1 – Conference talk of the week.  Check it out by clicking on the image of Elder Dyches.  General Conference is coming again in just a few weeks!

Elder Dyches...Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?


2.2 Another one:

 President Boyd K. Packer - The Key to Spiritual Protection

2.3 Okay, Okay!  Last one:

Uncommon Boys by Elder LeGrand Richards


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