46. Make brownies! And apologize when it’s called for.

Rainbow Over Glendale

Rainbow Over Glendale

September 8, 2014


I thought I’d shake up my salutation.  What are your thoughts?  Hey, I know!  Everyone!  E-mail me your favorite “salutation,” and I’ll use one for each of the remaining weeks on my mission. Deal? Deal. Remember, my email is aliciah@myldsmail.net.

Anyway, this week has been crazy. But so amazing. We have been here, there, and everywhere!

We had exchanges this last Tuesday. This just means that our Sister Training Leaders come and swap companions with us for a day so that they can help us improve the work we are doing, give us some training, and give us advice on improving personally.
I had the supreme privilege of spending the day with Sister Calves. She is from France. And she’s so incredible. We hit the ground running that day. We made brownies that morning to take to a few families that we would be

Sister Hansen with Sister Calves in Glendale

Sister Hansen with Sister Calves in Glendale

visiting. We had an extra container of them, and good thing too, because it was part of a miracle that happened that day. So… let the story-telling commence:

Miracle #1: A few weeks ago, while out working, we tried to visit this woman that we had never met before. It was nearly time to go home, so the hour was relatively late. It was just before nine. We knocked, and when the door finally opened, you could tell that she didn’t really appreciate our presence, especially at that hour, and that we had knocked maybe one too many times. She was not happy, and reminded us of the time and bid us a good evening. We apologized and left, feeling like we needed to do something to apologize. Well, we were able to!  And so I come back to the brownies. I’d thought that might be a way to apologize. Who doesn’t love brownies? As Sister Calves and I drove by this woman’s house, I had the thought to stop and take the brownies to her right then. So, we did. We knocked and when she answered this time, she looked a little less than pleased and said, “Ladies, I’m just really not interested. And I have people I can talk to if I ever have questions.” I said, “We completely respect that! We just wanted to bring these brownies to apologize for coming so late the other night. We felt bad about it and wanted to say that we are sorry.” Her entire countenance changed. She took the box of brownies, and said, “Oh my goodness that is so sweet!” We offered our number and said she could call us if she needed anything: yard work, house work, a friendly face, etc. She continued to ask us how long we are in the area, and said that if she has any questions she would let us know. So… bake brownies! And apologize when it is called for. 🙂
Miracle #2: I’m here to testify that the Lord answers prayers, but the answers do not always come as we think or expect.  So, Sister Calves is from France, right?  So she speaks French, right? 🙂 Right.  Well, there is a little cafe in Orderville called Soup Town (SHOUT OUT. It’s delicious. Stop by if you’re ever driving through).  We eat there often and there are occasionally tourists from France, Germany, etc.  So I thought, this is perfect!  Sister Calves is here and could speak with them!  So we prayed that people would come that Sister Calves could speak to, so that her language could be utilized. Well, not long after that, a family walked into the cafe. It was clear that they were European.  (10+ months at the Visitors’ Center with tour buses coming regularly has honed my nationality radar.) But I couldn’t yet tell if they were French. Sure enough, they were not. They were Italian. And they didn’t speak very much English. They were struggling to figure some things out about the menu and such, and another customer approached them. She started to tell them about her travels to Europe and somehow the French language got mentioned and the Italian man started speaking French!  Sister Calves LIT UP and began to excitedly speak to the man. He didn’t speak much French, but definitely more French than English. So she was able to help them just a little. Our prayer was answered!!  I love this, because it clearly teaches that even though it may not be the way we expect, when we pray with sincerity and with an intention to do the Lord’s will, we will always receive an answer. 🙂

These are just two of the beautiful moments that, strung together, made a very special day. Look for little miracles in YOUR days this week! And write them down! They’re everywhere, if you look. That’s a promise.

Much love and rice and beans,
Sister Hansen
P.S. If you haven’t been checking out the talks/hymns of the week so far, please do it this week. 🙂   This talk is incredible, the Relief Society lesson last week was based on it and it changed the way I think of the Atonement. And this hymn of the week is brought to you by Sister Morris. 🙂
Talk/Article of the Week: (click on image)
Screenshot 2014-09-08 21.47.31




Hymn of the Week: (Click on Hymnbook for lyrics and on Choral Version, for audio – probably NOT Mormon Tabernacle Choir)

Screenshot 2014-09-08 21.51.54#284 If You Could Hie to Kolob (Choral version)



Hymn Tune: Kinsfold Common Name: If You Could Hie to Kolob

Hymn Tune: Kinsfold
Common Name: If You Could Hie to Kolob


(Instrumental Version by the band Enoch Train!)


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