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September 29, 2014
Hello folks,
It’ll be a short one, but here goes.

Transfer news: Headed back to St. George and to the Visitors’ Center.

New Area: Bloomington Hills

New Companion: Sister Harper (from Australia!!)

Feelings: Mixed

Conclusion: All is well!

This weekend is General Conference! Come, Listen to a Prophet’s voice and be uplifted, inspired, and changed!!

INVITATION:  Click on the picture at the top for the link to the invitation.

WATCH: Click on the picture below for a link to watch General Conference.

Love you all!

Sister Hansen

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One thought on “48. TRANSFER!

  1. It is always greqt to hear from you and to hear your testimony.

    My granddaughter had to come home early from Brazil due to health issues. She was supposed to come home Dec 18th but she came home to Colorado in Aug. She is coming to my place tomorrow and spend a few days with me and attend her missionary reunion on Friday and stay until after conference. I am looking forward to seeing her.

    Enjoy conference. It is always wonderful to hear from our Prophet, and other church leaders.
    Love, your “great” Uncle Mac. (Emphasis on the “great”.)

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