51. In tune and willing to be His hands

October 21, 2014

Dear Friends and Family and everyone in between,

I believe that Heavenly Father sometimes places people and things in our paths simply because He wants to remind us that we are loved. But this is only possible if we, and those around us, are in tune and willing to be His hands.

This has been happening to me repeatedly over the past few weeks and I want to recount a few of these experiences which I have decided can appropriately be referred to as miracles:

Miracle #1:

Lately in the Visitors’ Center a notable number of people have asked me about my “Hansen” heritage. They want to know where the Hansens are from. And I’m sad to say, but I have not had great answers for them! I know more about Mom’s Haymond and Bills sides than I do about Dad’s Hansen and Hendricks people. Well, I was tired of not having a good answer for people, so I did a little research on familysearch.org. (Check it out.  It’s very cool!)  I discovered that my ancestor Hans Christain Rasmussen was born in Copenhagen, and must have immigrated to the US because he passed away in Utah.

Screenshot 2014-10-26 17.55.57

This is much more information than I ever had! Hooray! And here is the culmination of the miracle:

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Just a day or so after I had obtained this knowledge for myself about my ancestor, I greeted a couple in the Visitors’ Center from . . . Denmark! They remarked on my last name being Hansen and asked where my Hansens were from. I was so excited!! I was able to tell them that the last of my ancestors to be in Denmark was in Copenhagen. They then proceeded to teach me how to pronounce Copenhagen in Danish and taught me how to say “Have a good day” in Danish, which I promptly forgot. It didn’t stick as well as German does in my brain. But I’ll work on it. But you say Copenhagen, “Coopenhauven…” or something like that. Ok, that probably won’t translate well, but in any case, I am excited to speak with another Danish family and pronounce it that way. It will shock them. 🙂 The man that taught me told me that I should make a point of surprising the next Danish tourists I see with my stellar pronunciation. 🙂

I was so grateful that I had been prompted to research my Hansen line so that I could be ready for this very encounter. And I told them so. 🙂 What a blessing.

Miracle #2:

This last week has been a hard one. I’ve been hard on myself, and there have a lot of little factors that have made me feel a little like I have been treading water. (Don’t worry, all is well, this is just part of life! :D) But at the end of this week, I was speaking with a couple in the Visitors’ Center about their granddaughter who is on a mission in Europe. I felt prompted to ask them what has impacted them about having her on a mission. The sister answered that she had been impressed with the charity she had seen displayed in her granddaughter’s ability and capacity to love all of her companions, no matter what. We continued to speak and over the course of our conversation, this sweet Sister said to me, as close as I can remember, “You have a very sweet spirit about you.” As her words washed over me, I was surprised (and embarrassed) to find that tears sprang up and flowed freely from my eyes.

I can’t really explain why, but I needed those words right then. And I know that this sweet woman had no idea. But she had been in the right place, at the right time, and was in tune with the Spirit and willing to reach out with a compliment, a kind word, and healing conversation.

But it didn’t start in that moment at the VC. This couple had been doing what was right for days, weeks, etc. so that they could have the Spirit with them right then so that they could say what I needed to hear that day. I know that this is true. And I know that as we continually do what is right, we will qualify for the Spirit, and we will be ready when the Lord needs to call upon us to be an angel and an instrument in His hands for someone else.

Start now, everyone. Please. Daily prayer, studying the scriptures daily, random acts of kindness, choosing to fill your life and your mind with good things that draw you closer to God. Good music, good media, good humor, good conversation. Invite light and invite the Spirit always. Be the best you can – not perfect, but progressing, and open your life to be a conduit for goodness so that you can be there for others, as they will be there for you. It will be eternally worth it.

I love you tremendously. You all have, at one time or another, or possibly several times, been this for me. And I am eternally grateful.

You will be so blessed for being in the right place at the right time, and for being inspired and in tune with the Spirit. Start now.

Ready?  Set —  Go. 🙂

Much love and rice and beans and as many blessings as you can handle and more,

Sister Hansen


Challenges for the week:

1 -Alongside being that person who delivers the joy, look for how Heavenly Father is showing his love for you throughout your days!! It’s there, I promise, if you’ll look!

2-Keep a daily miracle journal/gratitude journal. Write down one thing daily that made you smile. You’ll be surprised by the change. 🙂

Hymn of the week:

There is Sunshine in my Soul Today


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