51.5 Happy Halloween

October 28, 2014

I reported a few weeks ago about Sister Harper’s love of the Halloween decorations. I’d love to tell you this week how I feel about them. Meh.

To illustrate this point, allow me to tell a short story. There’s a home that we’ve been visiting whose family is…passionate about Halloween. They’ve set out life size manikins of varying degrees of terrifying on their front porch and walkway. We were approaching the house a few weeks ago to visit this family.  It was evening time, right around dusk, and I couldn’t bring myself to walk past them. Sister Harper bravely went ahead of me and after they had answered the door and said that it wasn’t a good time to talk with us, she good humored-ly explained why I wasn’t next to her by saying, “My companion is admiring your decorations.” The epitome of smooth. I am so grateful for her.

And….we carved pumpkins a few weeks ago! It was Sister Harper’s first pumpkin carving experience and she was tickled! And she did a fabulous job! Hers is the cute short one (in the picture) second from the right. She free handed that! Can you say talented? 🙂 Mine is the one to the left of hers. The happy gentleman that she named “Brian.” Her pumpkin’s name is Sabrina Felicity, but she goes by Felicity. Why not be creative? It was fun, for sure.


Happy Halloween! Be safe, everyone!

L-R: Sister Schneider (Germany), Sister Riemer (Tahiti), Sister Farnsworth (St. George), me, Sister Harper (Australia), and Elder Lee (Illinois).


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