52. Supremely happy

© Antonio Neyra 2009October 28, 2014

Dear Friends and Family and all the other spectacular people in my life who don’t fall under those categories, but if you’re reading this then you do, so really I could have just said ‘Dear Friends and Family,’ but it’s too late now!

How are things?

Friends, I know that Heavenly Father REALLY loves His children. I am privileged to witness this every single day. This week has been full of greatness. Also a lot of struggles. But so many beautiful, small, and poignant moments and miracles. I’d love to share one from yesterday:

St. George Temple Visitors' Center Christus

St. George Temple Visitors’ Center Christus

Two days ago, a young lady walked into the Visitors’ Center. I greeted her, asking, “How are you doing today?” She continued to walk straight past me, saying, “Good.”

I turned to the sister that was standing with me and said, “She’s not good. Something’s not ok.” But before I could remark more or do anything about it, I was distracted by something else and she was gone. I went on with the rest of the evening, and nearly forgot about this young woman until a few hours later when I saw her again.

I was sitting at the front of the Visitors’ Center and as I glanced down the hallway in front of me, I saw her standing in the hall, looking toward me with a striking look on her face. I couldn’t tell from far away, but she looked distressed and hurt. I knew I needed to talk to her.

I walked to the theater into which she had just disappeared and was surprised to find that no one was there. I searched the center, and even employed the help of another sister who had seen her. No luck. I felt so unsettled about it. I knew she needed to be spoken to, and I knew that I needed to find her. But she was gone. I said a prayer. I asked Heavenly Father to please, please bring her back if He needed me to speak with her. The evening went on and came to a close.  She still never appeared.

The following day, I hadn’t thought of this girl until about 20 minutes to closing, almost 9 o’clock. My companion and I were sitting in the back of the Visitors’ Center when a young lady walked through the doors. And… it was the same girl! I was shocked and pleased and grateful and knew that I needed to speak with her. Miracle #1 in this story, my prayer was answered!

I greeted her again with that same question. “Hi, how are you doing today?” She answered with that same response, “Good.” And I knew, once again, that wasn’t the whole story. I introduced myself and then learned her name. Lo and behold, she is from a family in an area where I have served! I know her family! That broke the ice quicker than anything else. Miracle #2!

Sister Harper and I brought her to the Christus statue and sat. We talked for a second about school, life, etc. and then I asked a question. I can’t remember what it was. But she looked intently up at the Christus and began to cry. I scooted closer to her and offered a hug. She accepted and we just sat there for a moment while she cried.

We visited until the Visitors’ Center closed, talking about finding answers, finding peace, happiness, trusting God, and strength. She’s incredible. It was such a beautiful thing, guided completely by the Spirit.

I went home that night feeling so grateful. So grateful. Heavenly Father loves her so much. He loves me. He brought her back, answering my prayer, and allowed us to lift her in a way she needed to be lifted in that moment. Such a beautiful miracle.

I love you all. Be safe this week. Be happy this week. Be supremely happy (see the article below).

Much love and rice and beans,
Sister Hansen

P.S.: Article/Talk of the week:  [Click on the photo]

The Surprising Science Behind “Supremely Happy” People

Screenshot 2014-11-04 08.05.35


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