57. Patterns of Light

December 10, 2014
Dear everyone and their dog (especially my dog),
I have seen my faith increase exponentially over the course of my mission. I can see it as I look back and review who I was and where I have been and compare it with who I am and where I aScreenshot 2014-12-15 22.10.33m now. It’s just a thought I’ve been having. It’s one of those things, too, that has been incremental. Sort of like the way Elder David A. Bednar describes receiving spiritual answers or revelation in the videos “Patterns of Light,” like the rising of the sun. (Check them out his three videos.  They’re short and powerful and worth every second!)
Gradually. I see change in myself only when I am consistent, constant, diligent, and when I then pause and look back.  I can see progress, even when I  didn’t see how far each step-by-step motion took me. What a testimony builder for the concept of “small and simple things” (Alma 37:6 – The Book of Mormon).
Washington East is full of miracles. We had a phone call a few weeks ago from a young lady whose boyfriend wanted to learn. She set up the appointment, we came, we taught, and he is planning on being baptized in January! He is so special. The answers that he gives to questions in our lessons are incredible. The other day we asked him what he thought of when he hears the word “Salvation,” as we were going to discuss the “Plan of Salvation.” He said, basically, that it seemed like something safe… like home. For me, thoughts of Heaven and Heavenly Father have always been thoughts of home. We believe we lived with God before we were born, and that we are working, in this life, to live with Him again. Of course, then, “Salvation” would naturally mean returning home, to someplace safe. It was so beautiful, simple, and true, the way he said it.
This last week or so, I had an experience with a woman that came into the Visitors’ Center. We’ll call her Pam. Pam came months and months ago and spoke with me in the VC about some struggles in her life. We kept in touch over email and we’ve seen each other in often in person over the months. She’s amazing and has had some incredible changes and faith in her life, especially in the past months. She came the other day and we talked for a long time. I shared with her the “He is the Gift” video.  If you haven’t watched it yet, go now, click here:
Screenshot 2014-11-30 21.37.40
I gave her one of the pass-along cards that invites others to check out the video online. I challenged her to find someone to share it with in the next four days. “Four days?!” she says, but I encouraged her and assured her that she could do it. She left determined, I think. 🙂
About an hour after she left, someone came to find me in the VC to say that I had a visitor. She was back! She reported to me that it had taken her 5 MINUTES to share it, so she was back for more cards! She had been on her way out and had the thought that she should go pick up a cake for her daughter. So off to Walmart she went. As she ordered the cake, she spoke with the employee that was helping her. The employee told her that she’d been having a really hard time lately and Pam immediately said, “Hey! There’s this video and here’s a card and…” and just like that, Christmas shared.  🙂 I was proud of her and so grateful for the way the Spirit worked in her day to make all of it possible.
Friends and family, I love you. The Savior lives. The church is true. Salvation is real and will take us home. We just have to turn to Him.
This Christmas I am heavily involved in music. I accompanied an Elders’ chorus (ok, chorus is a term I use lightly– it was 10 Elders) in a Zone Conference meeting today singing a medley that I threw together of Restoration Hymns (Joseph Smith’s First Prayer, Praise to the Man, A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, and We Thank Thee, O God, For a Prophet). It went marvelously! And it was a lot of fun. Tomorrow for another Zone Conference, I’ll be playing in a Viola, Cello, Bassoon trio, What Child is This? And then there’s the Christmas concert on the 21st! Another instrumental group will be playing an arrangement of O Come, Emmanuel and The Coventry Carol. Music is filling these months of my mission and I am SO BLESSED.
I love you all. So, so, so, so much. Chin up. The Lord loves you. 🙂
Much love and rice and beans and way too much pumpkin chocolate chip bread in the break-room at the Visitors’ Center! (#blessings)
Sister Hansen

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